Fantasy Forest Puzzle 3D

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Develop your own animal farm from scratch through breeding and building! You build the farm and decide which baby animals to raise. You will have to decide which habitats to renovate and how to expand your land. It's up to you to build the most impressive animal farm in the whole village! Check out Zynga's awesome new farming and farming game! • Become a farm pro in this farming game and build your own animal collection with hundreds of animals, including quirky species like alpacas. Each animal provides a unique product, such as milk, eggs or wool, which you can sell, trade or use to complete orders and improve your farm. These farm products include everything and anything: saddles, cream, bacon, mushrooms, sheep's milk, refined feathers, horse hair or buffalo milk! • Mate your animals, raise their babies and discover new species such as Steinbach's fighting geese, emus, tudanca cows, blue peacocks, Guinea pigs, Bourbon turkeys or scarlet macaws! In this free farming game, each new species produces rare agricultural products to help your farm grow. • Raise your favorite exotic animals, including Emden Geese, Shorthorn Cows, Brown Alpacas, Fire Llamas, Hedgehogs, Red Squirrels or Paint Horses! • Customize your family ranch with hundreds of unique decoration options, building styles, farm worker outfits and more for you, your staff and your baby animals. It's up to you to personalize your adventure! •

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