Neon Pong

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Check our new game Particle Runner. This is a classic Ping Pong game with neon graphics. Try to beat the computer or play against a friend on the same screen. Much fun with 2 players on tablet. Features: -One player with three difficulty settings -Touch controlled (touch or drag on screen) -Two player mode -For Free! -No Ads during gameplay How To Play: - Use fingers (touch or drag) to move the paddle - Ball moves from center (random) - Don't miss the ball! - First with 10 points is winner Game is made with zero programming experience. Hope you like it! Made some cost to develop Neon Ping Pong and I really would like to maker more games. So i put a video-ad in this game when exiting (can be skipped). If you have any constructive criticism or if you find any bugs please email me or use the rating system to leave a comment. Thank you, I hope you enjoy the game!

Mouse or Keyboard